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If you wanted to invest and design the perfect account how you you design it.  Would you want an account that was secure where you couldn't lose your money?  How about liquidity, would you like to have access to your money without having to pay a penalty to withdraw it?  How about an account where you would not have to pay taxes on the money gained on the investment.  Does this account sound a pipe dream?  We have this perfect account and it is called and Equity Index Universal Life account.  This account is a life insurance policy that allows you to front load money into the account that can be used later on as cash to fund a retirement, or a child's college education.  It has been around for about ten years but it has not gone main stream yet.  This Life Savings Account give you a life insurance policy, and a cash value account that is indexed through the S&P 500 or one of the other stock market indexes.  This account is not invested in the stock market so if the index is losing money your account loses nothing.  When the index is doing well you take the gains of the index up to a ceiling of 12% to 15% depending on which insurance plan you choose.  Also the insurance company give you a minimum guarantee of 2% to 3% no matter what the index does. Over the last 23 years if you used this index method you would have averaged about an 8% return.

So if you could invest your hard earned money in a secure, liquid, tax free account, what are you waiting for?  Find an insurance agent that knows what they are doing and get the right information.  The surprising thing about this life insurance plan is that most life agents I have spoke to didn't know it existed.  Make sure your agent is well versed in this type of life insurance because there are many variations of this type of insurance.