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What to do with your 401k Roll Over

What should you do with your 401k account after you’ve reached 59 ½ years old, you quit your job, or your company lays you off? Where should you put the money? Should you roll that money into an IRA account? How about rolling your money into an Indexed Annuity where you’re guaranteed your principal?

An Indexed Annuity is an insurance based investment that provides an opportunity to potentially earn more interest than traditional fixed annuities and other safe money alternatives. This Indexed Annuity guarantees your principal without risk and in most cases comes with a bonus of 5%-10% on the amount that is rolled over. For example, if you rolled over a 401k account of $100,000 the insurance company would give you a $10,000 BONUS on your account. Now the account is worth $110,000. The account has a guaranteed minimum of 1% or 2 % and a maximum cap on the gains based on the index that is used. Your premium and credited interest can never be lost due to the Index falling. This Indexed Annuity also avoids probate in case of premature death. So access to the accumulated funds is not delayed by the probate process. Riders can be placed on the annuity to allow the owner life time income based on the income account value. There are surrender charges that are applied to the annuity if the entire contract is surrendered. Typically 10% of the account value can be withdrawn after the first year with no surrender charges and in case of terminal illness a portion can be withdrawn automatically at no cost. The Indexed Annuity is one of the best options to roll your money over if protection from loss is important to you and you want to have potential for stock market like gains. Preservation of principal plays an important factor in the latter stages of your retirement plan. Talk to an Insurance Agent and get the information to make an informed decision today.

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