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Why now is the best time to invest your money in a safe account





Are you losing money in your 401k or IRA?

Why are you not taking steps to protect your money? I was talking to a client last week and was looking over her and her husband's IRA statements; they had lost a couple thousand dollars in the last quarter in their investments. I asked her if she was concerned with the loss of money in her accounts and her response shocked me. She said Dan I don't feel bad about losing money in these accounts because everybody is losing money along with me.

Why would you knowingly invest in an account that is actively losing money? Does that make any sense at all? Just because all of our coworkers, relatives, and friends are heading for financial ruin, does that make it acceptable? Life insurance is the answer to your retirement dilemma, we have a fairly new product that was introduced about 10 years ago. This product is a life insurance product where the insurance companies guarantees no loss on the principal investment with a guaranteed floor of 2% to 3%. This is indexed through the S & P 500 or one of the other exchanges. So you can get stock market like gains without the risk. Once the account is credited the gain it is locked in and cannot be lost.

As a side feature the money can be used in retirement without having to pay taxes at retirement. The money is liquid after the first year with no penalty or income tax liability via a loan. Sounds too good to be true, do the research you will be amazed. It is called an Equity Index Universal life policy and most insurance agents don't even know that it exists. Get the facts and get educated because if you don't your retirement years might be spent working.


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Reader Comments (2)

do you work for WFG?

August 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersusan

Dan, is right, as usual. The blog he wrote back in 2008 is still applicable today.

What are you doing to secure your retirement future?...... Social Security? 401K? Think about where your future is headed.

Take time now to get educated by someone that has the facts....Dan Nozaki!

November 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Powers

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